Service Criteria
Quality First,
Customer SUPREME
Establish Customer File
For the batteries sold, we establish "customer files" and implement tracking services.
Telephone Follow-up
After the battery is sold, follow up by phone at any time, and conduct a thorough inspection at least once a year, and report the battery usage to the customer, so that the customer can use it with confidence.
Fast Response
When a customer complaint occurs, respond to the problem within 3 minutes, confirm the problem within 3 hours, and provide a solution within 3 days. Including on-site recovery solution and return processing solution, until the customer is satisfied. The purpose is to minimize the troubles of customers.
Serious & Responsible
Normally, a test report of the returned battery will be issued within one week after arrival, and our engineer team will be responsible and serious to test and analysize the reason. If the battery is caused by ourside, we will send the customer free replacement. If the battery is not caused by ourside, we will issue a corresponding report to guide the customer's use.
Long Warranty Time
12V~48V lithium iron phosphate battery pack can support 5 years warranty. Other small batteries can support 1-2 years.
All products sold are insured and claims are available worldwide.